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Lov tea, green tea, organic tea

After almost a week of being seek I thought - the tea post is the best post idea for today.

I had a bad cold and have to drink lots of warm drinks, especially lots of tea: herb tea, green, white or black, all kinds. Today I show you my two favourites - green and white tea from løv. Delicious tea in a beauty package.

The first one is orange-cinnamon organic green tea. It's perfectly suits to the Christmas time and reminds me non-alcoholic glühwein. Approved already in November on the balcony with a candle and warm cover...

And the second one and my favourite! for bad-cold-days is pêche-cassis thé blanc bio tea. It smells like apricot, peach and blackcurrant. (All ingredients are natural). It tastes absolutely delicious and you should try it!

Have fun to shop and to enjoy it!

Speaking of Christmas it's also a nice present for your friends or family!

Wish you guys a very nice time for you and your family! Hugs, Xenia

P.S. In Frankfurt you can buy it by Brenmans in Westend. By the way it's also a nice place for a healthy and affordable lunch in Frankfurt Westend.

Lov tea, green tea, organic tea

Lov tea, green tea, organic tea


Tribute to the Autumn 2014

Herbst, Autumn, Photography, Xenia Metelski

Each time of the year and each season has its own beauty. You just have to open your mind to see this beauty. Even misty and rainy day can became an adventure... waiting to be discovered by you!

Have a nice weekend, guys!

Herbst, Autumn, Photography, Xenia Metelski


Merry Christmas presents

Chanel chance, Fossil Uhren, Furla Geldbeutel, Giorgio Armani Lippenstift

The best presents come from the heart and you don't need to spend a lot of money to make somebody happy. You have to know the person and understand, what he or she likes.

Almost all pieces on the picture cost under 100 Euros and therefore really affordable! Have fun to shop, Ladies and Gents!

Chanel chance, Furla Geldbeutel, Giorgio Armani, Fossil Uhren

1 - Fragrance Chanel Chance 50 ml (about 70 Euros)
2 - Lipstick from Giorgio Armani No. 602 (about 30 Euros)
3 - Leader purse from Furla (about 100 Euros)
4 - Fossil watch for her in boyfriend style (about 95 Euros)
5 - Fossil watch for him (about 130 Euros)


Check shirt with camel coat

Michael Kors bag, Fossil watch, Mantel Hallhuber, Boots Gabor, Xenia Metelski

For sure you've noticed already - I love shirts. And the first time I was really disappointed, that all my old shirts were too small for my new life with the baby belly. But I found a new way and now buy the shirts from the men department! Seek and you should find, girls - like the old saying says :)

Have a nice week! By the way, what is your favourite piece of the wardrobe at the moment? Coat, jumper or maybe a hat - share it with us! Hugs, Xenia

Michael Kors bag, Fossil watch, Mantel Hallhuber, Boots Gabor, Xenia Metelski

Michael Kors bag, Fossil watch, Mantel Hallhuber, Boots Gabor, Xenia Metelski

Fossil boyfriend watch

Fossil boyfriend watch

Mantel Hallhuber, Stiefel von Gabor, Burberry Sonnenbrille

Sonnenbrille Burberry, Xenia Metelski

Burberry Sonnenbrille, Xenia Metelski

Xenia Metelski, Mantel Hallhuber

shirt - no name (found in Anson's in Frankfurt/My Zeil)
pants - H&M (for mammies)
boots - Gabor
coat - Hallhuber (the old one)
bag - Michael Kors
sunglasses - Burberry
watch - Fossil (in boyfriend style)


Misty day? Who cares!

Massimo Dutti Dress, Hallhuber Mantel, red lipstick, MAC

The whole day I was waiting for the best light and the best time to take a picture. It was rainy, misty and cold - bad weather and bad luck for the shooting.

Suddenly I thought, oh boy, I can take these pictures another day too. I said to my husband - Let us walk around our house, get some fresh air (but with the camera)...

The pressure to take the pictures was gone and so did the bad weather. We couldn't believe it, but suddenly the sun was shining and it was warm.

So we caught the nice weather and took the nice pictures as well! Hope you like them too.
Hugs, Xenia

Hallhuber Mantel, Massimo Dutti, Gabor, MAC

Furla bag, Massimo Dutti, MAC, Hallhuber coat, Calzedonia

MAC lipstick, Massimo Dutti, Hallhuber

MAC, Hallhuber, Massimo Dutti

Coat - Hallhuber
Dress - Massimo Dutti
Shirt - no name (Anson's store, menswear)
Tights - Calzedonia
Boots - Gabor
Bag - Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red


Homage to the Summer 2014

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Fotografie, Photography, life and fashion explorer

Every morning when I wake up I'm hoping to see the sun... The thing is - Frankfurt located near the river in the valley. Well, it's very difficult to catch the sun during the Autumn or Wintertime. Still sometimes we have luck and the misty Frankfurt begins to shine :).

Today unfortunately isn't a lucky day for sun and shine. That is why I thought to make it better with my little flower picture and a homage to the Summer 2014!

Have a nice day guys!