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02 July 2014

New layout for life and fashion explorer

No, it can't be! Oh YES - it can! I've changed the design of the blog once again. Sorry guys, maybe it's really kind irritating for you - to see all that new layouts, but when I was starting to blog, I have no idea about blogs, htmls, layouts. I even never read fashion, cultural, political or others blogs before. I'm a paper girl and prefer the real natural newspapers or books... But something was and is changing in my mind. And changing is nearly always good. I was always looking for a clean design, but never found a good one. A one that reflects me and my soul. Maybe it sounds weird, but there are the best words to express, how I'm feeling about. Well, now I think, I've really really found it! Me and my soul :)

P.S. I'm still on study leave (sorry guys for no posting). Miss you so much. But have to stay strong and learn further for my exam... Have a beautiful summer day!

Sincerely, Xenia

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08 May 2014

life and fashion explorer is on study leave

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English | Dear Readers, after a weeks of learning I decided - it would be better for me to take a study leave for the next two months. And if you do like to rummage around - check it here some posts of mine :))). Please, wish me luck for my exam in July! I'll really need it! A lot of kisses, Xenia

01 May 2014

The leather skirt - must have for each wardrobe

Hey guys, sometimes you don't need lots of money to buy something special. And the leather skirt is absolutely a must have for each wardrobe and special. It's chic and sexy. That beautiful skirt, for example, I found at H&M online shop with the price about 80 Euro - ON SALE 50,- Euro. Have fun to shop! And Happy New Month! Hugs, Xenia

Leather skirt, basic wardrobe
image from H&M online shop

28 April 2014

Pencil skirt and jeans jacket: let us rock the city

Red skirt, roter Rock, Jeansjacke, metallic trend

Oh boy, I'm so glad you can't see me and my rings under the eyes right now. When I look at my face in the mirror - I see dark spots, white skin and tired from writing and reading eyes... deep deep into the learning process. And also I'm so happy about the modern technology - my new camera and sunglasses did a great job to hide it :). Still here is a result of my weekend photo shoot - a comfortable look for a sunny day! Wish you guys a sunny and successful week! Kisses, Xenia