Misty day? Who cares!

Massimo Dutti Dress, Hallhuber Mantel, red lipstick, MAC

The whole day I was waiting for the best light and the best time to take a picture. It was rainy, misty and cold - bad weather and bad luck for the shooting.

Suddenly I thought, oh boy, I can take these pictures another day too. I said to my husband - Let us walk around our house, get some fresh air (but with the camera)...

The pressure to take the pictures was gone and so did the bad weather. We couldn't believe it, but suddenly the sun was shining and it was warm.

So we caught the nice weather and took the nice pictures as well! Hope you like them too.
Hugs, Xenia

Hallhuber Mantel, Massimo Dutti, Gabor, MAC

Furla bag, Massimo Dutti, MAC, Hallhuber coat, Calzedonia

MAC lipstick, Massimo Dutti, Hallhuber

MAC, Hallhuber, Massimo Dutti

Coat - Hallhuber
Dress - Massimo Dutti
Shirt - no name (Anson's store, menswear)
Tights - Calzedonia
Boots - Gabor
Bag - Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody
Lipstick - MAC Russian Red


Homage to the Summer 2014

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Every morning when I wake up I'm hoping to see the sun... The thing is - Frankfurt located near the river in the valley. Well, it's very difficult to catch the sun during the Autumn or Wintertime. Still sometimes we have luck and the misty Frankfurt begins to shine :).

Today unfortunately isn't a lucky day for sun and shine. That is why I thought to make it better with my little flower picture and a homage to the Summer 2014!

Have a nice day guys!


Colour me red

Poncho, Massimo Dutti, Furla bag

Poncho is an IT piece of the Autumn absolutely and my personal favourite for the warm Autumn days. More it saved "my life" in September and October. Because I never went out without.

I'm looking a bit tired on the pictures and go to my hairdresser today - to cheer me up and to make me and my hair happy. I always think - hairdresser is the best therapy against bad mood and Autumn misty days! Have a nice week guys! Hugs, Xenia

Ponch, Massimo Dutti, Furla bag

Poncho, Massimo Dutti, Furla bag

Poncho - Massimo Dutti
Jumper - no name, Italian one
Leggings - Calzedonia
Bag - Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody
Scarf - no name
Boots - Gabor

My weekend program


I don’t know about you guys, but I personally notice only Mondays and Fridays during the week. It feels to me like the days are passing by with the high level speed…  Anyway, I thought it is right time for my next weekend post.

What do I want to do on my weekend? A lot! I have really huge program for these days and will prepare some material for my next blog posts. That means shooting, work with pictures, writing.
Besides, have you noticed I’ve changed the blog design on my second blog – KARAFU-TO.  
And the same I will do with life and fashion explorer. Nothing complicated, I will keep it simple, like always, and it will be look a lot like karafu-to. I will use the similar template.

The next point of the program is home optimizing.  If you do follow me on Instagram, you know already I’m expecting baby. That is why me and my husband making our flat “baby proof”, “baby safe” and all that make me feel comfortable with the baby, new furniture inclusive :)))).  

My best friend has two children and every time, when she visits me, she says - Your flat is a flat for a couple without children and your furniture are dangerous…  Well, it’s time to change it!

Also today I want to share with you some tips and links. My heroes of the week are the guys from Dandy Diary. They traveled to India and produced a short video message about working children in the textile industry.  Don’t close your eyes on that problem, check up the VIDEO.  Learn more about it and read it here on Jessi’s blog Journelles (German only).

Update! While I war writing this post the Video was deleted or better to say was forbidden...

Wish you a nice weekend guys! Hugs, Xenia


Truly investments in your wardrobe

Investments for wardrobe, fashion blogger, Modeblogger

Yesterday, I gave away 6 big sacks of my cloths for charity. The cloths were too small, too childish or just mispurchase… After that I felt relieved about it, had good feeling to do something good for people who maybe need all these things, but also sad too.

I was disappointed to buy so many things that I didn’t need or wear. Why is it so? Sometimes it’s really ok to clean up the wardrobe. Our bodies and minds are changing; we are getting bigger or thinner, smarter, want to try new things out... It’s process that never stops.

Still I’m a person that likes her cloths. If I buy something, I buy it because I love it. And pieces you love are never getting old. There are getting vintage!

I think those cloths I gave away yesterday weren’t a true love at all. And I wish for my wardrobe more investments. Beautiful, high quality cloths investments! These cloths are never getting old, but vintage only. Such cloths take never too much space in your wardrobe and there are truly investments for your wardrobe and for your life!


Thanks God, it's Friday!

The body book, Cameron Diaz, Carla Bruni, Semisumo pomade

This week was so busy and so emotional for me. I thought I’ll never get through. But I did it!
Today is Friday and the perfect time to think about tomorrow - what do I want to do this weekend?

Finally I know – I want to relax with Carla Bruni (a sentimental woman singer – like one my French friend said) and Cameron Diaz – to learn more about my body. 

You see, it’s definitely a girl’s weekend. And the last one wish – to test my new hi-shine, lo-hold pomade for my new hair cut (I bought it for weeks and didn’t have time to test it…) 

Here we go two days just for me - for girl - for relaxing, reading and testing (and of course for good food eating too)!

On the picture:

The Body Book by C. Diaz and S. Bark
Quelqu’un m’a dit by Carla Bruni
Semisumo hi-shine, lo-hold pomade