Jul 2, 2014

New layout for life and fashion explorer

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No, it can't be! Oh YES - it can! I've changed the design of the blog once again. Sorry guys, maybe it's really kind irritating for you - to see all that new layouts, but when I was starting to blog, I have no idea about blogs, htmls, layouts.

I even never read fashion, cultural, political or others blogs before. I'm a paper girl and prefer the real natural newspapers or books... But something was and is changing in my mind. And changing is nearly always good. I was always looking for a clean design, but never found a good one. A one that reflects me and my soul. Maybe it sounds weird, but there are the best words to express, how I'm feeling about. Well, now I think, I've really really found it! Me and my soul :)

P.S. I'm still on study leave (sorry guys for no posting). Miss you so much. But have to stay strong and learn further for my exam... Have a beautiful summer day!

Sincerely, Xenia


  1. Вроде ты говорила до 21 июня? Мне нравятся перемены, единственное я уже ничего на своем блоге не меняла уже год. Почти созрел план нового дизайна.

    1. нет! с 21.07. по 29.07 экзамены!!!! Спасибо!

    2. Так и лето пройдет! А ты все гранит грызешь!


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