Sep 26, 2014

Bag obsession, small red Furla

Furla, bag Furla, Handtasche FurlaSomebody is obsessed about shoes, somebody about necklaces - one of my obsessions are bags! Small, large, beautiful, colourful, different bags. 

It's more than just a passion / obsession or need for me. It's my key for good mood and sureness that I have the stuff I need in a bag that I love. 

That is why after two months watching I couldn't resist and finally bought a small red - ups, pardon, cabernet! - Furla. The small bag in cabernet colour that suits almost to every occasions or outfit. It's elegant and timeless. One thing that maybe will be a problem - the shoulder handle is made of metal completely. It can damage some fine fabric (maybe). 

Well, I wish you guys a nice weekend and if you do want - Tell me about your obsession??? I'm very curious about it :)))) Hugs, Xenia

Furla, bag Furla, Handtasche Furla

Bag - Furla Metropolis Mini Crossbody Cabernet


  1. mh, that's a cutie. I'm sure it spices up a lot of looks!

    heartbeats Carola // VIENNA WEDEKIND

  2. I'm obsessed with so many things...I'm bad! I really like this baby!

  3. Ich finde Furla Taschen super schön, mir gefällt das knallige Rot sehr gut :)



  4. Perfect color for the season. i do agree it may pose a small risk to velvets and other fine fabrics. Just double the handle and carry it as a handbag, on those occasions.
    xx, Elle

  5. Sieht richtig gut aus! Die ist echt toll!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von

    PS: Derzeit kannst du auf meinem Blog eine Tasche von Pieces & Accessoires von Liebeskind Berlin gewinnen! HIER erfährst du mehr! :)

  6. thank you guys for all your comments! Next time I'll do an outfit post with my new treasure :)))) Hugs, Xenia


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