Sep 29, 2014

Instagram? Mashrooms?

Instagram account, instagram

Am I the last person that didn't use the instagram? I hope so not :) Anyway, almost I month ago I created my own account [@xenia.metelski] and started to explore the instagram. First impression - amazing - lots of pics, beautiful and interesting pics.

The second one? What can I offer the instagram community?  I've been sick lately for almost two months and the sick person doesn't make nice and interesting pics...

Another thing - after watching of all these beautiful and perfect pictures, guys I was really tired of all these stuff. Can life be perfect? - Definitely, Not!
It comes how it comes. So do the pictures. So I was starting to bore to watch this perfect world.

Still I do like some accounts and want to recommend you a pair of them. It's a human nature to look for a beauty and to strive to catch these beautiful moments...

fashion - @garancedore and @ootdmagazine (if you do want to see how fashion week goes - follow @anna_dello_russo - she will invited almost to every show or fashion party )

feel good account - @sincerelyjules

photography - @emmi386

beauty - @makeupbytugba

food - @aperture_24 and @tocoffe

art - @jeanettegetrost

Have a nice week guys!


  1. Also people start following you then unfollow you if you don't follow back. Lots of fake accounts too.

    1. Oh, yes, I've noticed that too!!!!!


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