Nov 7, 2014

My weekend program

I don’t know about you guys, but I personally notice only Mondays and Fridays during the week. It feels to me like the days are passing by with the high level speed…  Anyway, I thought it is right time for my next weekend post.

What do I want to do on my weekend? A lot! I have really huge program for these days and will prepare some material for my next blog posts. That means shooting, work with pictures, writing.

The next point of the program is home optimizing.  If you do follow me on Instagram, you know already I’m expecting baby. That is why me and my husband making our flat “baby proof”, “baby safe” and all what make me feel comfortable with the baby, new furniture inclusive :)))).  

My best friend has two children and every time, when she visits me, she says - Your flat is a flat for a couple without children and your furniture are dangerous…  Well, it’s time to change it!

Also today I want to share with you some tips and links. My heroes of the week are the guys from Dandy Diary. They traveled to India and produced a short video message about working children in the textile industry.  Don’t close your eyes on that problem guys, check up the VIDEO.  Learn more about it and read it here on Jessi’s blog Journelles (German only).

Update! While I was writing the blog post the Video was deleted or better to say was forbidden...

Wish you a nice weekend guys! Hugs, Xenia


  1. Ксения, я тоже только замечаю понедельник и пятницу, время летит так быстро! Какая у вас интересная обложка Elle! Хороших выходных!

    1. Ну! они в каждой стране разные... Мне еще британский вариант Элль нравится, оформление, темы... Спасибо, Лер!!!! Тебе тоже замечательных выходных :))))))))))

    2. Ага, по сравнению с вашей здесь не интересная в этом месяце.

  2. Поздравляю вас с таким чудесным событием вскоре) Мои выходные пролетают очень быстро!)

    1. Мари, спасибо огромное!!!!


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