Dec 12, 2014

Løv story

Lov tea, green tea, organic tea

After almost a week of being seek I thought - the tea post is the best post idea for today.

I had a bad cold and have to drink lots of warm drinks, especially lots of tea: herb tea, green, white or black, all kinds. Today I show you my two favourites - green and white tea from løv. Delicious tea in a beauty package.

The first one is orange-cinnamon organic green tea. It's perfectly suits to the Christmas time and reminds me non-alcoholic glühwein. Approved already in November on the balcony with a candle and warm cover...

And the second one and my favourite! for bad-cold-days is pêche-cassis thé blanc bio tea. It smells like apricot, peach and blackcurrant. (All ingredients are natural). It tastes absolutely delicious and you should try it!

Have fun to shop and to enjoy it!

Speaking of Christmas it's also a nice present for your friends or family!

Wish you guys a very nice time for you and your family! Hugs, Xenia

P.S. In Frankfurt you can buy it by Brenmans in Westend. By the way it's also a nice place for a healthy and affordable lunch in Frankfurt Westend.

Lov tea, green tea, organic tea

Lov tea, green tea, organic tea


  1. Тебе полегчало? Я тоже пью чай, постоянно, как наступает зима!

    1. приветик, Лера, в общем мне легче, но сегодня как то все заново... Самое обидное, никаких таблеток нельзя, еще и не все травки можно. Короче сижу (или лучше сказать лежу) на меде, малине и каких то пастилках из исландского мха... Болеть дело не из приятных.


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