Jan 20, 2015

Get dressed for a day

Get dressed for a day

Two days Saturday and Sunday I tried to take a picture of my look outside on the street. I couldn't. Unfortunately, I live in Germany (not in Brazil or at least on Majorca). It's too cold for me outside ...

For that kind of weather you need to be not so cold sensitive like me or to have thousands of coats and jackets for each outfit shooting, otherwise it looks boring...

That is why I decided to start a new line of outfit pictures called "get dressed for a day". It means I show you the outfit pictures taking at home without freezing or taking off the clothes.
Hope you'll like it!

P.S. Have you noticed too, the grey colour is so IN right now. Anyway, I like the grey because I like it and it suits me :)

Benetton jumper, Hugo Boss shirt

shirt - Hugo Boss
jumper - Benetton
leggings - Calzedonia
boots - Gabor


  1. ) не знаю, как я бы переносила холод будучи в положении, но пока выдерживаю съемки при -15. Я люблю зиму. Мне так понравились эти леггинсы!

    1. Я снег люблю, но у меня даже аллергия на мороз и низкие температуры ... А леггинсы - спасение моей беременности. Буду и после носить!


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