Jan 7, 2015

Making of resolutions for 2015

New Year resolution

New Year means new resolutions

Why are we so keen on resolutions? Simple, we just want to make things better in a new year or to get rid of bad habits… It’s in our nature – the wish to self-improvement.

My New Year resolutions for 2015

New Year resolutions, Blogger resolutionsWell if you do know I’m expecting a baby; that is why it’s a lot of pressure and the wish to be a good mother is enormously. The fear to do something wrong is huge and meanwhile I realized how difficult to raise a child.

Another point – I want to travel more. We did travel a lot in the past. But these last 3 years – it was difficult and busy time for our family. This year I will change it and take a few steps forwards and begin to travel (first travel has been already arranged – it will be Italy, our beloved Italy!)

At last I want to spend more time with blogging and be more organized and disciplined for preparing more posts, pictures and interesting stories! 

That’s it! Now is your turn - Do you have / make any resolutions for the Year 2015? 


  1. такие классные валеночки)))

    1. Наташа, спасибо огромное! Это от Calzedonia.

  2. I always thought of resolutions as something silly, now that I have my blog, I decided to change my outlook on that and announced a couple...
    I'll see if it's going to work out. After all, it all depends if we really want it or not. You're going to be an excellent mother, I beleive in you!

    1. I'm so curious about your new outlook! And thanx a lot for "the excellent mother"... I'll do my best :) Kisses (oder ich sage oft "Küsschen" auf Deutsch), Xenia


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