Jan 12, 2015

Maternity clothes?

Maternity clothes, clothes during pregnancy

Before pregnancy I thought during my pregnancy I'll wear beautiful, comfortable maternity clothes only. I thought, It will be so much fun to shop for it and to wear it...

Well, ladies, I've changed my mind! Maybe that is the problem with maternity clothes in Germany only. Maybe I've gained too little weight. But, seriously I don't like it.

I had two maternity jeans, which are totally uncomfortable and home clothes which I'm still wearing, but only because, I don't want to chuck it out. All pieces are in bad quality and uncomfortable and not so cheap at all! Sometimes I'm thinking the word "pregnancy" give the sellers /maker an opportunity to increase a price for every piece...

Anyway, I'm in 7th month now and wearing my normal clothes or buy a new one, but also in my size. I've decided don't waste my money for something, that unbeautiful, uncomfortable, too expensive and only for a short time suitable.

Wish you a wonderful week, ladies! Take care of yourself :) Kisses, Xenia

Maternity clothes, Umstandskleidung, Massimo Dutti, Mantel Esprit

Maternity clothes, Esprit coat, Esprit Mantel, sunglasses Burberry

Maternity clothes, Umstandsmode, Umstandskleidung kaufen

Maternity clothes, Umstandskleidung, Xenia Metelski, Massimo Dutti, Esprit pants, Burberry Sonnenbrille

coat and pants - Esprit
jumper - Massimo Dutti
boots - Gabor
bag - Michael Kors
sunglasses - Burberry
lipstick - G. Armani no. 401 (I'm mad about this lipstick and the colour)


  1. Говорят и здесь с этим делом не очень! А вы растете!

    1. не говори, еще как растем...

  2. Dein Look ist jedenfalls sehr gelungen. Dann ist es doch egal, wofür die Kleidung gedacht ist. Kennst Du www.mamarella.de ? Vielleicht ist da etwas dabei, wenn Du doch noch etwas brauchst.

    1. Danke Ines,

      ja, die kenne ich, war aber nicht auf der Internetseite... Danke für den Tipp :)

      LG, Xenia

  3. Ein toller Style du hübsche Mama :)

    Herzliche Grüße, Frauke von

    1. Vielen vielen Dank, liebe Frauke!
      Schwangere Frauen brauchen so sehr Komplemente :) Du weiß es aber auch aus eigener Erfahrung!



  4. Great look! I love your sweater! ;) XX


    1. Thank you dear Sandra! Wish you a nice Weekend :) Besos, Xenia


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