Jan 8, 2015

My Best of Anti-Aging

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Nowadays all people – men and women – are talking about anti-aging.

We all are getting older and the Television, Radio or Internet make to us suggestions - how to avoid it or delay this process at least.

They (Television, Radio or Internet) promise to us youth and beauty and suggest to us we shall look like the models in ads: beautiful, young and perfect. (The last one mostly  are young, beautiful and perfect with photoshop only).

Well, in my opinion and from my life experience I can say there are some anti-aging tools and ways indeed (besides photoshop). And today I would like to share my anti-aging suggestions and tricks with you guys!

Here we go:

1. Sun protection

Use the sun protection! I don’t want to tell you long stories about skin cancer and wrinkles after intensive sunbath…

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2. Food

You are what you eat! Eat well, varied and drink lots of water!

3. Choose the right skin care

Know your skin better. What it likes and what not. Use the skin care depends on your skin type and the season. Too much skin care can be harmful for your skin too!

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4. Gene

Well, guys it’s hard to hear, but it’s true. The aging process will be influenced by your genetic. Some people have the better genetic than others.

5. Self-confidence

Self-confidence does a lot for your feeling of looking good and young. Don’t look for you defects – too big nose, too small ears etc. Like and love your face and your body. Be self-confident with yourself!

6. Love

Love makes us younger! Be in love!


7. Movement

Move your body. Find your favorite type of sport, dance and do it! It’s so good for your soul and for your walk too.

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And the last one suggestion – accept yourself and be more kind to yourself. Improvements are welcome, but too much bother about this subject – it lets you forget about now and takes away a life joy.

Have a wonderful day, guys! Hugs, Xenia


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  2. Ксюша, сорри, написала коммент не в том посте)))
    Согласна со всеми пунктами, особенно важно в анти-эйдж уходе защита от солнца, даже в зимнее время)) Спасибо, что поделилась своими секретами)

    1. абсолютно согласнa! Если на улице холодно или туманно - это не означает, что солнышко не светит и своими лучиками нас не облучает...

  3. Lovely blog, looking forward to see more posts from you!
    Would you like to follow each other ?

  4. Со всем согласна, Ксения! Подписываюсь под каждым словом)

  5. Oh ja man kann nie früh genug damit anfangen! Toller Reminder zum Jahreswechsel. Da lässt sich 2015 doch bestimmt einiges umsetzen. Mal sehen ob's klappt!

    Liebste Grüße und bis bald.


    1. Auf jeden Fall und, wie du es liebe Kathi bereits gesagt hast, man kann damit nie früh genug anfangen :))) Schönes WE!


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