Jan 10, 2015

Relaxing time

Ladies it's time to relax

We did a great job last weeks. We celebrated, cooked, ate, danced, much talking, shopping and friends meeting. Now it's time to take a short break for us to feel a new year, new chances and new challenges.

After some research I understood men and women have different meaning of relaxing (not so different, still it's a one difference). That is why today I would like to talk in my blog post about relaxing for women only :)


If I'm thinking about relaxing, I'm thinking about water. 4 years ago my friend gave me to my birthday a gift token - two hours in a luxury spa around Frankfurt Kur Royal in Bad Homburg. I didn't use it and (I thought) I lost it. Yesterday  I've found it among my papers and so happy about it. Because it's really the perfect time for spa!

Spa, sauna, swimming pool are the perfect places to relax! But there is also another more affordable opportunity to relax - take a bath at home! You don't need to go away, to pay or to meet other people. It's only you, bath, your favourite magazine and your favourite music!

A couch day

Oh, yes! Famous couch day. Everybody needs sometimes a couch day. Don't feel bad about it. You are not lazy or something. You've earned it to spend the whole day on your couch and to watch your favourite DVDs. For me it's for example Hercule Poirot with David Suchet (sorry Peter Ustinov, but I adore David Suchet as Poirot!).

The perfect companions for a such day are a cup or a pot of tea or even a sip of red wine. Take it easy and enjoy your day, girls! It's time to relax. Kisses, Xenia

Relaxing day, time to relax, fashion blogger, Kur Royal Bad Homburg, Xenia Metelski

On the picture:
-spa gift token
-Vogue January 2015 and CD Carla Bruni
-DVD Hercule Poirot Agatha Christie
-Tea lov organic


  1. ааа, я обожаю этот сериал о Пуаро! на мой взгляд это лучшая экранизация Агаты Кристи))

    1. Дэвид Суше в этой роли просто бесподобен и неповторим. Я люблю смотреть в оригинале на английском... Оксана, желаю тебе замечательных выходных!

  2. Помню несколько лет назад я мучилась от бессонницы и мне помогал только Пуаро!!! )))

    1. Пуаро - спасал мои дни, когда я болела и лежала на диване с температурой!


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