Jan 21, 2015

Stationery for 2015

Calendar, stationery for the coming year

Every year I’m working lots with papers, dates and deadlines. There are so many things to manage and to keep in mind.  That is why there is only one solution for me and for successful day – to keep my day and task organized!

That means:

1. For setting the goals for the coming year and for organizing the daily routine – I’m looking for calendars (one for my family, one just for me and one for the blog, three times therefore). No, there aren't too many, The calendars help me to organize and to separate my work and my private life :)

2. Also every year I buy also my stationery such: paper, pens, post-it-notes, notebook, earplugs, correction fluid etc.

Calendar, stationery for the coming year

And what about you guys? Are you good organized for the year 2015?

Nice stationery you can find here in Garance Dore online shopby MyPaperKittens on etsy or here by liberty.

Have a nice day, guys!


  1. such a nice ideas to organize dear
    new post: http://tupersonalshopperviajero.blogspot.com.es/

    1. thank you very much Pilar! And welcome to my blog! Besos, Xenia

  2. ich organisiere mein leben mit meinem organizer (mein altes blackberry) und papierenen to-do-listen :)


    1. bin altmodisch und brauche unbedingt etwas aus dem Papier zum Schreiben :)


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