Jan 15, 2015

The perfect wardrobe part 2

Build up the perfect wardrobe

As you already know from my former blog post there are some tips and tricks that help you to build up and to organize your wardrobe.

Thinking about organizing and building up my perfect wardrobe I thought about two subjects:

First, to organize a space for my clothes

and, second, clothes by itself.

During that process I understand I have to order my clothes first – to sort, to chuck away, to donate it.

Why? During the years my clothes are getting older, smaller and  not modern. I had the wardrobe of a student with size zero as a woman about 30 without size zero. I tried to be honest to myself and asked me, if I do really want to wear these or those pieces.

It was difficult for me to sort out the clothes. I have to admit to myself I will never and actually don’t want to be a size zero again. Some clothes were just old and wasn’t suitable for any of occasions.
The result - I chucked away and donated a lot of pieces and had hardly something to wear.

The next step was about understanding – what I need, what I like, what suits really good to me and my type. By the way, in this phase of building up my wardrobe I got a short haircut. 

Changing your wardrobe means a lot for your personality and it will influence many parts of your life!

Anyway, I thought a lot about what I need and like, read the books, looked at the morrow and went shopping with a plan!

The plan was very important for me. It contains basic items “must have” for every wardrobe. 
I divided my needs into:

  • Outer: coat, jacket, jumper, blouse

  • Pants, jeans, skirt

  • Shoes, boots

  • Underwear (very important!)

  • Accessories (belts, scarfs, bags etc.)

To build up the perfect wardrobe, Mode Blogger, Fashion Blogger aus Frankfurt am Main

The process of building up my wardrobe isn’t finished yet. It takes a weeks and months of thinking and shopping. But it’s also very important to take a break. 

Now I took a break from shopping to understand, what I bought, to enjoy the new clothes and to appreciate it.

Next time I will talk about – how to organize a space for your clothes and share with you my experience and my thoughts about this subject!

Wish you a lot of success and fun during the organization your own perfect wardrobe, ladies and gents!

Kisses, Xenia

To build up the perfect wardrobe, Mode Blogger aus Deutschland


  1. Постоянно стараюсь это делать, но у меня потом все равно одежда в кучу сваливается)) У меня 3 маленькие кладовые и места не хватает!

    1. Ага, там ты и хранишь свое собрание верхней одежды! Видела по телевизору одну лейди у которой списки с перечислением вещей, которые у нее есть и где они лежат.... Каждому свое :)

    2. до списков я, конечно, не дошла, но забыть можно легко о вещи, потом вспоминаю и радостно на душе, что покупать не надо))

    3. могу себе представить :)))) Я недавно нашла мою юбку, в которой фламенко занималась, счастья то было!

  2. Puh...ich sollte auch mal wieder aussortieren und neu organisieren! Bei mir schaut es derzeit richtig gruselig im Kleiderschrank aus!;)

    Herzliche Grüße, Frauke von

    1. Na dann - viel Erfolg und Geduld, liebe Frauke!

      Liebe Grüße,

  3. Thanks for such a detailed post! Kisses dear, have a good evening! xo

    1. Thanx dear, glad to see you here on my blog! Wish you a nice weekend! Hugs, Xenia

  4. Мне тоже кажется важным держать свой гардероб в порядке, как минимум раз в год выбрасывать старые вещи, ну или отдавать кому-то. Читала, что с помощью таких нехитрых приемов можно менять жизнь к лучшему))
    Ксюш, мне очень понравилась твоя стопка "уютных" свитерочков))))

    1. Да, я в этом сезоне разошлась :) С дугой стороны, с растущим животом выбор в покупках достаточно ограниченный - что нибудь вязанное, обувь, носки, шапки, шарфики и сумки...


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