Feb 27, 2015

5 things to do before baby is born

To do list with my wishes before baby is born

I'm in the middle of the week 34 and getting a little bit panic. What happens after baby is born. No time for myself or for my husband? Or for taking a bath, going to the cinema or hairdresser and eating in the restaurant? Scary thoughts cross my mind...

Well, the one thing I'm pretty sure about - everything will be different (all parents say so... and I believe them!). That is why, I thought, I need a to-do list for my wishes. What would I like to do before baby is born.

It's just a list and suggestion and not the aim to do all things on my list. We will see...

So here we go - my to do list before baby is born:

1. Spend more time with my husband, only we two without friends, Internet, calls and so on (in the restaurant, theatre, at home or cinema).

2. Go along to the museum and art gallery

3. Treat myself to a pedicure 

4. A girls day with my best friend - almost done! Next Wednesday I'll see my best friend and we'll do something nice together.

5. Read the book

Well, you see - nothing special and even boring at first sight, but there are very important things in our life: spend the time with the family, friends and yourself. All these things hold us in balance between our world and outside...

On this note, wish you guys a wonderful and happy weekend full of harmony and balance :) 
Kisses, Xenia

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