Feb 11, 2015

Earrings from Swarovski

Jewellery Swarovski, earrings Swarovski

Be nice to your ears and to yourself :) There are no occasions needed to make a present to yourself, even St. Valentine's Day.

It's true, that the diamonds are the best girl's friends. But girls, it's kind expensive and well, your know... That is why I have nothing against nice and good made jewellery besides gold, diamonds or even silver.

Here I've found for you some nice earrings from Swarovski to make you happy even on very important day or occasion and don't spend lots of money. Click hereherehere or here to see more about.

P.S. Non-commercial post. I just like jewellery from Swarovski :)

Jewellery Swarovski, Fashion Blogger aus Deutschland


  1. Great selection dear. All of these look amazing, especially the first ones.

    1. thank you Claudia! The first ones are my own :))))) Kisses, Xenia

  2. У меня дома в России есть пара с съемными сердечками, все забываю с собой привезти, это мои любимые Сваровски))

    1. ну, не все же должно быть из золота, платины и серебра. Кроме того, когда знаешь как цены на ювелирные украшения формируются... Подумаешь 2 раза, что покупать.


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