Feb 25, 2015

Face care tips for dry skin

Face care tips, face care tips for dry skin

Oh - oh, I have dry skin. Maybe, because of the pregnancy or whatever. Anyway, for all of us, who have dry skin is a skin care very important.  Another thing is drinking. People with the dry skin have to drink enough water, about 2 – 3 liters a day. It helps against dehydration too.

Today I show you, how I take care of my dry skin! And I’ll be very happy to hear your tips and tricks for the dry skin care too!!!

In my opinion the skin care rituals, how you take care of your skin are almost more important than the care products itself. That is why,  today I’ll talking in this article more about how to care dry skin and less about skin care products. 

Face care rituals, skin care for dry skin

Step no. 1 – Cleaning
For cleaning my face I don’t use water at all. I use the cleaning water from the pharmacy. Soft and gentle with cleaning pads (cotton rounds) I clean my face without rubbing it twice a day (in the morning and in the evening).

Step no. 2 – Skin preparation for the face cream with tonic water
I use the tonic water, before I put on the daily face cream. It looks like water. Actually, it’s a kind of water with aloe vera. It has a transport function – the function to transport your daily skin care in your skin.

Step no. 3 - Extra skin care
I’m over 30 and the special anti-aging care is a part of my daily skin care rituals. I use a line reducing concentrate on my forehead and the area around my lips.

Step no. 4 – Face cream
My skin doesn’t like too much ingredients.  I use simple face cream without fat and put it on my face after using the tonic water and anti-aging skin care.

Step no. 5 – Specials
Once a week I use the face moisture mask. I put the mask on my face and massage it very gentle with the soft brush for more effect.  Additional, twice a week I use the special eye mask for eyelids, mostly eye pads, because I have very dry skin around my eyes too. 

By the way, next time (in my next beauty post)  I’ll talk about eyelids special care… Don’t forget to stop by :)

Nice to know
There are two facts nice to know. Sometimes it’s really difficult to implement, because we are at work or somewhere else. Anyway, there are particular times of the day, in which some of the rituals are more effective. 

For example, the best time for the special treatments for your skin like mask is about 5 p.m. and the best time for cleaning is about - 6 p.m. till 9 p.m. (source - Das Geheimnis gesunder und schoener Haut).

Here we go. There was my daily and weekly routine for the dry skin. Let me know, if you do know some facts more or another tips for dry skin care. Maybe I’m missing something in my skin care routine.

P.S. About products I'm using: all products I’m using I named in the bottom under the last picture. But, ladies and gents, these care products fit perfectly for my skin. It was really long process, before I’ve found my skin care. That is why, my tip for you regarding the products – choose well, look at ingredients and test it!

P.S.S. Non-commercial post. All products are my purchase and my opinion is my opinion only.

Tips for dry skin, face care tips, face care rituals

mask and brush - Shiseido the skincare moisture relaxing mask
anti-redness make-up removal micelle solution - Beoderma Sensibio H2O AR
aloe vera facial toner sensitive - SantaVerde
face creme - SantaVerde rich aloe vera cream
anti-aging care - Kiehl's line-reducing concentrate

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