Feb 19, 2015

Line-reducing concentrate

Kiehl's cosmetics

Be nice to your skin, ladies and gents and do something good for it :) For example, buy a special line-reducing face care.

Honestly, I was searching for months for something like this. I have a strange feeling, I won't have too much time for searching and testing the next months... You know why - because of baby...

Well, I bought it and didn't regret. I don't have too many lines on my face, still after a treatment with this concentrate my forehead looks soft, smooth and very neat (can I say "neat" in English? This is a new word for me and that is why it sounds a bit strange :))

How do I use it? Ones a day in the morning. I clear my face, put my usually aloe vera toner (a lotion) and then a little bit of concentrate on my forehead and the area around my lips. After that I put my usual face cream all over the face. That's it! Nothing more.

Tell me guys about your experience with line-reducing care! What are you doing or using against the lines?

P.S. Non-commercial post! All products are my purchase and my opinion is my opinion only.

Kiehl's cosmetics, Kiehl's line-reducing concentrate, Kosmetik Kiehl's

product - Kiehl's Line-Reducing Concentrate
origin - USA
amount - 50 ml
price - about 55,- Euro


  1. Da hatte ich auch mal eine kleine Größe von und meine Haut mochte es sehr.

  2. Очень привлекательная для меня марка, к которой у меня никак не "дойдут" руки))))
    Ксюша, спасибо за подробности)



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