Feb 5, 2015

Lipstick story

Some thoughts about beauty - lipstick

Lips are such a beautiful part of the face - I thought, when I cut my hair. Since this time I'm playing a lot with colours on my lips: red, orange, pink... I have a feeling I like them all!

I think, it's really important to understand, what do you like or what part of your face do you like the most.

Personally, I don't like to do anything with my eyes. I forget to remove mascara in the evening. Or I'm forgetting about my eye shadows during a day and rub my eyes. It ends always with a small disaster on my face, if I'm wearing the eye make-up.

After a years of fighting with myself, I lost this battle, made a piece with myself and went further. 
I focus myself on my lips and I love it!

What about you ladies? What are you focus on? Share your thoughts with us! 
Kisses, Xenia

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  1. Zu so kurzen Haaren ist satter Lippenstift ein toller Gegenpol. Mag ich auch.

    1. genau, sieht irgendwie frisch und frech aus, rundet den gesamten Look ab!

  2. I like my eyes most of all but I only use mascara, 99% of the time. I'm crazy about color so I can't help but buy lipstick, I like all the shades of pink and lavender, and purple because they play nicely with the color of my eyes :-).

    1. Lera! Pink and lavender were made for you, it suits perfect to your hair, skin and eyes! Kisses, Xenia

  3. красивые помады, но я с такими яркими не очень дружу) больше нюдами пользуюсь, а красные люблю на других)))

    1. ой, вся косметика это дело вкуса и восприятия самого себя... У меня была фаза, я не понимала девушек, которые пользуются помадами, особенно яркими... :)


Thanx a lot for your comments, ladies and gents!

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