Feb 18, 2015

Pregnancy survival kit

4 things for better feeling during your pregnancy

Pregnancy doesn't mean be happy every moment, enjoy the life or talking about babies only. Every women has her own pregnancy time: the happy time and not so happy moments.

Sometimes it's really difficult... To be pregnant means hard work for your body, your hormones are out of control and there are so many thoughts in your mind about yourself, your family or money...

Today I show you my personal pregnancy survival kit - 4 things for better feeling during the pregnancy, things that help me go through these 8 months. Maybe they can help you too, to survive your pregnancy or just feel better and comfortable:)

4 things for better feeling during the pregnancy, leggings calzedonis, bra calida

Leggings: well, it's a matter of taste of course (and maybe of the figure too), but all my pregnancy I prefer to wear the leggings. Sure, I tried the maternity jeans too. But really comfortable I feel me with leggings.

Bra: these bra are discovery of the year 2014 for me. They saved my sleep, my breasts and my comfort. Highly recommended!

Dry bread: Finn Crisp with water were my very best friends in the beginning of my pregnancy :)

Cream: the skin changes during the pregnancy and I tried different creams for my dry belly skin. First, I tested creams for pregnant women only and didn't find special help and care for me. After that I opened my eyes I tried all kinds of creams for very dry skin and found one, that suits perfect to me.

Therefore girls, don't test the products for pregnant women only. There are mostly expensive and not really better than other special skin care. Keep your eyes and your mind open and choose the product, that really helps you!

4 things for better feeling during the pregnancy

1. Bra - Calida
2. Cream - SebaMed for very dry skin
3. Dry bread - Finn Crisp
4. Leggings - Calzedonia

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  1. О, да))) Понимаю вас, еще первые пять месяцев - красота, а потом действительно не чувствуешь себя такой уж счастливой)) Ксения, поздравляю вас с этим чудесным временем!



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