Mar 29, 2015

Best links of the week #6

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Hey guys, I hope you have a wonderful and sunny Sunday! Today I have some new links for you that might be interesting, helpful and so on. Enjoy it!

Last time I'm really mad about polka dot pieces. Hormones, Spring? I don't now...  Here is a nice polka dot blouse on Jules. Love it very much!

Some information for my readers from Frankfurt - must have exhibition in Städel Monet und die Geburt des Impressionismus. Must have to visit absolutely!

Are you a blogger? Do you have your own website? Here is an useful web tool for you and your instagram account Snapwidget that shows your last pictures from the instagram on your blog.

Do you have too many clothes and want to sell it or do you want to buy a designer bag as a second hand - you need to know this website Maedchenflohmarkt (sorry, in German only). I use it by myself and always happy with the deals :).

That's it! Do you have something in mind for today? I want to clean and make my balcony look nicer... And what about you guys? Wish you a nice Sunday! Kisses, Xenia

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