Mar 18, 2015

Body care for dry skin

Body care, skin care for dry skin, Körperpflege für die trockene Haut

Body, body and body once again. If you know already, I'm fighting right now with my dry skin. Dry skin around my eyes, face and now legs, arms, belly and so on. A woman has lots to fight; it's just our nature and way to interact with outside and of course the will to self-improvement...

It's really the easy way to think that a drop of the best cream, oil or what's ever - can solve this "dry skin" problem. Many magazines or TV spots are talking about wonder products that solve all our body problems. Do you believe them? 

Eat well and drink enough water can make magic. There are the first steps to care about your dry skin. And the next step is - find the right care products. It shouldn't be the most expensive care products. It should suit you!

I'm not an expert in this area. I eat well and drink enough water, but was lazy to rub the cream into my body. Now, I have to. I feel me so uncomfortable without body care. It's really terrible feeling I say you, ladies...

For my body currently I'm using the special bath oil and two different body creams after the bath: ones for my belly (was talking about it in this blog post) and another one for the rest of my body. All products are from SebaMed (a German brand). 

At the moment I'm happy and my skin feels comfortable. I don't know, what will expect me after the pregnancy. Maybe my hormones will go totally crazy and I will need another skin care. I don't now and we will see. I'll let you know about new products, if the time comes. Till then, wish you ladies and gents lots of luck by finding and choosing the right care products for you! A small tip - always look at ingredients!

Wish you a wonderful day, guys! Kisses, Xenia

P.S. Non-commercial post! All products are my purchase and my opinion is my opinion only!

Body care, dry skin care, SebaMed Körperpflege

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