Mar 8, 2015

MCM yellow bag

MCM crossbody wallet bag, yellow bag

It's kind Spring already, still very dangerous time - I mean the weather. It's cold, windy, but suddenly the sun shines and it's getting warmer. I don't really know, what to wear...  Spring and Autumn are the most shocking time of the year for me. I'm never ready or prepare for such changes and games of the nature.

How are you feeling about it, guys? Is it already Spring in your country or town?

P.S. How do you like my yellow bag? It's for the cold and windy moments instead of the sun :)

MCM crossbody yellow bag, Frankfurt am Main, Mode Blogger aus Frankfurt
Mantel Esprit, Handtasche MCM gelb, Pulli Hallhuber
Sneakers Buffalo, Boots Buffalo, Buffalo London
coat, jeans - Esprit
jumper - Hallhuber
bag - MCM crossbody wallet bag
boots - Buffalo

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