Mar 16, 2015

My Spring essentials

It's getting warmer and warmer. When I breeze, I feel the Spring in the air! Just two weeks more and everything get leaves or blossoms at least in Germany. I know guys, if you are living in France, Spain or Italy you've got it already :) But we here in Germany, we are still waiting for this every year wonder of the nature!

And by the way, it is the right time to think about your Spring essentials, guys. There are the pieces that you can't live without. Something that you are wearing almost every day. Something that means Spring for you!

For me there are clearly: the trench coat, loafers, sunglasses and my favourite fragrance. 

Maybe I need also a short trendy jacket. I've ordered it already and will show you, after my nice postman brings it :)

And what about you guys, what are your Spring essentials? Share it with us!!!!!!!

P.S. Here is my old blog post in English, German and Russian about Spring wardrobe: get ready for the Spring or Spring wardrobe.

trench coat - Hallhuber
loafers - Buffalo London
sunglasses - Burberry
fragrance - Chanel Chance

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