Mar 3, 2015

Nostalgie de Paris

Some interesting facts about fashion designers and fashion, The Fashion Week Paris

Only one day left till Fashion Week Opening in Paris. Designers, fashion bloggers and some other fashion people are exiting and nervous, a kind in the state of emergency... After all, the Fashion Week in Paris is a culmination of the whole Fashion Season and Fashion Week!

Here are ladies and gents some interesting facts for you about designers and fashion in general.

fashion facts
1. Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld were involved in the same competition. Lagerfeld won the first place with his coat creation and Saint Laurent the third one.

2. The real name of John Galliano is Juan Carlos.

3. Dorothea Schumacher - a German designer from Mannheim - was involved in the making of  The Devil Wears Prada with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. 

4. Locroix designed the trains of the train line Frankfurt am Main – Paris.

5. Do you ever think, what LVHM means? Louis Vuitton Hennessy Moët! Yes, Hennessy, Moët and Louis Vuitton belong to the same company.

P.S. I have problems with the Internet at home and feel me like a refugee, traveling with the notebook around the city - not fun with the baby bump... Guys for more pictures and updates follow me on my facebook fan page.

Fashion facts, The Fashion Week Paris, Karl Lagerfeld, Locroix, LVHM
book - Legendaeres Paris by Pierre Pinelli and Marc Walter
fragrance - Chanel Chance
powder - Chanel 30 naturel - translucent 2
postcard - a pressie from Paris

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