Mar 2, 2015

Shades of grey part 2

Street style in grey colour

Ask anybody from creative profession about colours? Is there only one grey colour? - Are you kidding, he or she will answer you! There are so many different shades of the colours and of the grey colour too!

Well, yes, I have to admit, sometimes it's kind depressive to see only grey colours around yourself.

Grey sky, grey streets and grey outfit. But guys, you have it in your own hands to light up your mood and your day with the colourful accessories - shoes or bags, lipstick or something else!

Wish you ladies and gents a beautiful and full of colours week! Hugs, Xenia

Frankfurt am Main, Blogger aus Frankfurt, Mode Blogger aus Frankfurt
Street style look in grey colours, Pulli von Hallhuber, Mantel Hallhuber
Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt Westend
Boots Buffalo, Sneaker Buffalo, Schuhe von Buffalo

coat and jumper - Hallhuber
leggings - Calzedonia
sneakers - Buffalo
bag - Furla Metropolis
lipstick - Russian Red A53

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