Mar 5, 2015

Skin care for dry eyelids

Tips for skin care for dry eyelids

Eyes are the window to the soul (your soul!) - told William Shakespeare. That is why, is skin care for eyelids very important!

I've been using the skin care for eyelids not so long, maybe 5 years only. Now I have dry skin around my eyes. Just like I've said in another post about face care for dry skin, maybe it's because of the hormones or I don't now, maybe age too?

Anyway, the important thing now is to stop dehydration and to deliver more moister to the skin. But how? Here is my experience, how I deal with this problem:

Daily eyelid care
Every day twice I put eye cream on my eyelids. The cream based on aloe vera juice and does its job good, but not good enough. The skin around my eyes is still dry...

Special eyelid care
That is why I thought, I should try special eyelid care - eyelid pads for more moisture. I tested two different products of the German brands - a cheap one from Balea and more expensive one from Annemarie Boerlind.

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The eye pads from Balea have a nice cooling effect, pleasant on the skin, but after all aren't really helpful. The skin is still dry, the positive effect holds a couple hours only...

The eye pads from Annemarie Boerlind do more for the skin at first sight. The eyelids look neat. Still, the effect doesn't hold for a long time too. The skin is still dry.

I should say, I was testing these products a month long only. Maybe, it isn't long enough. But, I won't buy any of these products again.

At the moment I'm testing another eye pads - two from German brands and one from Shiseido. After that, I'll let you know in update post, what do I think about these products... Till than, I'm still looking for the perfect eyelid care. Do you have some tips for me?

P.S. Non-commercial post. All products are my purchase and my opinion is my opinion only.

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