Mar 22, 2015

Some changes on lf & e

Blogger and photographer Xenia Metelski

Good morning ladies and gents! Today I have some news to talk about. I'm thinking lately very often, how to improve or change the blog. And the first changes are done!

I've changed the page "About" and added two collages with some nice pictures from the blog articles. Another change is the list with the most read articles of the blog. The articles or blog posts that you like the most and don't have to look for, if you want to read them again.

Besides, I want to do more for you and develop some nice extras, like for example the downloads. The first download "my perfect wardrobe" as a pdf file - is a list with the basic clothes for your perfect wardrobe that you can save or print. The downloads you can find on "About" page or in the sidebar.

Therefore I don't want to change the blog layout completely; still I'm thinking to add some new features on the title page. We will see :) It's still in process...

Till then, I wish guys a very nice and relaxing Sunday! Kisses, Xenia

P.S. Thank you very much for your support on facebook or instagram! Thank you, thank you, thank you thousands times!!!!!!

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