Mar 30, 2015

What are and how to wear culottes?

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What are Culottes?
What are culottes? It sounds a little bit like a kind of wood or something from the insect world to me. But no, guys, the culottes are the pants looking like a skirt. The word “culottes” was taken from the men’s wardrobe. Originally culottes were the short pants wearing by men (yes, exactly like the pants of George Washington, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart or someone else from the 17th or 18th century).

Therefore, we are keeping in mind – culottes are the pants looking like a skirt.

How to wear Culottes?
I’m not really a fan to say - well, that kind of clothes can wear only that kind of woman with that kind of figure.

Because, sometimes we ourselves don’t know, what kind of woman we are. That is why – try it on! Don’t think about your figure and try it on with a small tight top or blouse. 

Culottes are something really practical and good for us. They help us to look effortless elegant, feminine and comfortable at the same time! Use it girls! The best times for wearing the culottes (in my opinion) are in Spring and in Summer.

I hope, when my baby bump is gone, I can show you some looks of mine and how do I wear and combine the culottes with blouses or tops.

Do you have already a pair of culottes? How do you combine them with the rest of your wardrobe? Share your experience with us!

P.S. All images are via NET-A-PORTER.COM
Culottes from Phillip LimREDValentino and M Missoni

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