Apr 7, 2015

A denim lesson from Leandra Medine and Alexa Chung

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Denim: what's IN?
Since many years is Denim in trend. I even think, here better to talk about denim as a classical piece of clothes and not as about temporary trend of fashion. It' style, not fashion.

Still, every year we can see a kind of tendency, what piece of denim is most popular at the moment.

Here we go, since months we've seen Alexa Chung wearing dungarees

or Leandra Medine wearing boot cut jeans. These two pieces are the IN pieces number one right now.

Leandra and Alexa two fashion girls make denim special. But how? 
Have you seen, how Alexa wears the denim? Yes, she looks so effortless cool and easy in her dungarees. And Leandra combines pieces that don't suit together at first sight, but it works! She is cheeky and rule breaker. She likes to experiment with style and fashion!

Do you see now, what these two ladies do have in common? It's personality! Not price for a piece of clothes, not the brand - it's personality and feeling of self-confidence that make the style of these ladies special and unique. These two qualities are priceless and they can own by you too!

And here are my personal and timeless denim favourites for each season or year! Share with us your favourite denim pieces too! 

Wish you a wonderful and sunny week, ladies and gents! Hugs, Xenia

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