Apr 2, 2015

How I treat my dry hair

Dry hair, trockene Haare, hair care for dry hair

Usually I would say - the healthy skin, nails, hair depend on what are you eating and how much you drink during a day. And it's true and most important things ever.

But sometimes you can eat good, drink enough water, still nothing helps you... Because, well, I don't know, because of hormones, illness, bad genetic... whatever.

In my case I have luck to be gifted with the most uncomplicated hair ever. Still, during the pregnancy my hair have changed! I never think it's possible. But my curly hair become straight and unfortunately dry. Well, with curly I should wait, maybe I'll get my curls back, maybe not, we'll see. It depends on my hormones. And about dry hair - here I do something against it right now. Maybe my hair care tips for dry hair can help you too!

Here we go my hair care for dry hair

I tried two kinds of shampoos and still using them both. I couldn't find out the difference between SebaMed (a chipper one, German brand) and Kérastase (expensive one), they are both effective and help me.

Another thing, I don't using any conditioner or hair mask. I don't want to do too much. Too much can cause the opposite and make the hair greasy... But if you have some nice tip for me or knew a neat hair product - share your secret with us!!!
Shampoo for dry hair, SebaMed Shampoo, Dry hair care

Dry oil mist
Another nice hair care product, I was already talking about, is kendi oil mist to protect your hair from the heat of the hair dryer (yes, I'm using the hair dryer with the low temperature of course). This product smells fantastic, tends the hair pretty good and gives the nice finish in the end of the hair treatment.
Dry oil mist for hair, oil mist against heat of the hair dryer, Alterna dry oil mist
SebaMed Shampoo trockene Haut urea akut 5%
Kérastase specifique bain riche dermo-calm
Alterna Bamboo smooth kendi oil dry oil mist

That's it guys, nothing more. I'm using these hair care products, eat well and drink enough water. It helps me to keep in balance my hair and head skin.

What are you doing with your dry hair? How do you treat your dry hair? What kind of hair care product do you use? Share your secrets with us! 

Wish you a wonderful weekend and great holidays! Kisses, Xenia

P.S. Non-commercial article. All products are my purchase and my opinion is my opinion only.

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