Sep 21, 2015

Outfit: Wearing culottes in a casual way

Culottes, Stefanel boots, black and white outfit, burberry sunglasses

Being a mom is a hard job. Since months I've been thinking about these words. Every new month I'm thinking: the hard time is over and I can blog again. But every time happens something unexpected - difficult nights without sleep, hard days without even thinking about myself. A whole week with baby crying and so on.

When I was pregnant all our friends were saying - with baby will be all different. Well, guys - it's true. It's different. But of course there are also beautiful moments too. When your baby laughing or touching your hand.... are the best moments ever!

This night wasn't a good one, I was sleeping very bad. I eat only in the morning and I'm so glad you can't see my hair, but I'm trying to blog again and it's fun!

Hello guys again after my mother vacation and wish you all a really wonderful autumn week! Lots of kisses, Xenia

Culottes, trend in fashion, burberry sunglasses, Stefanel

culottes and jacket - a small Italian brand from the north of Italy
shirt - Benetton
boots - Stefanel
sunglasses - Burberry
lipstick - G. Armani no. 402

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