Oct 5, 2015

Beauty: Skin care update

Skin care products

Hello guys, today I want to blog about my daily skin care routine. I've noticed that you are really interested in. So I thought I write an up-date of the blog posts talking about skin care and face care tips for dry skin.

Well what kind of the beauty products I'm using now?

After the birth of my daughter my skin has changed a bit and that is the good news. It isn't dry anymore, still it's autumn and it will be winter pretty soon. That is why I'm using the products that suit for my skin and for the weather as well.

Skin care products
Clean: Bioderma Sensibio H2O AR, Eyelid care: SantaVerde aloe vera and Avène revitalizing eye balm, read it here about -> (must have from anti aging department), Toner: SantaVerde aloe vera toner sensitive, Vanishing creme: Avène hydrance optimale riche, Anti aging skin care: Kiehl's line-reducing concentrate, read it here about -> (line reducing concentrate)

Beauty hack

Eyelid care

In additional a small beauty hack for you. I'm using for my eyelid care two different products. For the upper eyelid I'm using the simple moisturiser and for the lower eyelid the anti aging eyelid care.

My eyelids feel that way much more comfortable. By using the anti aging eyelid care my upper eyelids feel too dry, it isn't ready for anti aging treatment (not yet) and prefer the moisturise only.

Eyelid care: SantaVerde aloe vera (upper eyelid) and Avène revitalizing eye balm (lower eyelid), read it here about -> (must have from anti aging department)

Hope you've found this blog post interesting and helpful too. 
Wish you a wonderful day guys! Hugs, Xenia

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